Your time and efforts are not cheap

You may be burning $1000 without much returns

Creating a single offer involves significant cost and effort, with no guarantee of it converting. Reviews, iterations to make it better keeps piling up expenses and frustration.

Current activity Person Average time Minimum cost
Offer designing Designer 1.5 hour $50-$200
Marketing and copywriting Marketer 1.5 hour $50-$150
Testing and coding Developer 2 hours $100-$250
Review and mentoring Expert / You 1 hour $100-$200
Total   > 6 hours > $300-$800

Just one offer requires so much. Imagine for hundreds and thousands of offers, you will be spending half of your life into it.

Stop staying tangled in offer creation. Switch to Offermative. It will automate all the above for you, saving you a minimum of 6 hours and $1000 every time you create offers.

Sow the seeds for minting money on autopilot

Get 2x, 3x,10x, 100x…RoI

Offermative does all for you – designing, marketing, analysis and more. You can recover the cost in just one or two sales from the offers you run. So, actually, you are not paying for Offermative considering the returns you will get. Pick your plan now.

Common to all plans

  • Discount offers – fixed, percentage, sitewide, cart, conditional, exclusive
  • Upsells, cross-sells product recommendations
  • Order bumps, cart bumps, giveaways
  • Message types – Popups, inline, header-footer bars, notifications
  • All the designs and rules
  • Multilingual support
  • Tracking, analytics and Offer management


New or small stores that want quick sales

$99 /yr

What’s included

  • 3 sites
  • Unlimited offer campaigns
  • All common features
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Established stores looking for more growth

$199 /yr

What’s included

  • 10 sites
  • Unlimited offer campaigns
  • All common features
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High-ticket stores selling thousands of products

$399 /yr

What’s included

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited offer campaigns
  • All common features
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From small to big businesses…all love Offermative

WooCommerce influencers like Chris, Patrick, Alex, Kevin and others have hailed it as a game-changing solution for every WooCommerce store.

Everything is quick & automatic

I instantly got attracted to the readymade offer designs. I can run discount offers on lots of different products and grow sales easily.

Dror Beckerman Sous-vide
Dror Beckerman
Sous Vide

Saved effort & time

I used to create discount offers manually. But after seeing Offermative, I realized how much time and effort I would have saved. It’s a superb plugin.

Henry Hoe
Henry Hoe

Immediate boost to sales

I sell courses and can now quickly run campaigns on multiple courses to recommend other courses. This helped me gain sales quickly.

Jeroen Janssen
Jeroen Janssen

Still hesitant?

Answers to common questions

Here are answers to questions people often ask us before signing up. If your question is not answered, contact us.

When you checkout and complete the order, Offermative will be automatically downloaded. You can then install it as you do for any other WooCommerce plugin.

No, there’s no free trial or plan. You need to sign up for a paid account to use Offermative.

If you cancel your license after purchase, you will be eligible for support and updates for a year from the date of purchase. After that, you won’t be able to use the plugin until you renew or buy it again.

Yes. You can login to your account and cancel it anytime – cancellation will allow access until the end of current subscription, and won’t charge you again.

Yes, you can. Write to us from here and we will help you.

Non Profits, do-gooders and educational institutes get Offermative for 50% discount. If you are one, submit a request here with proof of your claim and we will send you a discount code! But remember, use only for that purpose – don’t mix commercial activities.

We offer refunds within 30 days of purchase, if the plugin is broken, and if we do not solve it in reasonable time, after mutual communication. Renewals, problems due to third-party plugins / themes / code / hosting etc do not qualify for a refund. Please read all our terms here.

No. Our code is high quality and designed to work with minimal impact even on high traffic websites. Offermative will actually work much faster than many other offers and funnel plugins.

Absolutely not. Offermative does all the complex tasks by itself. All you need is to make offer live and get your sales rolling.

That can happen. Check if the campaign registered enough views – if a campaign has too restrictive targeting rules, it may not show enough times to create any result. If your campaign has sufficient views but has not generated sales, you may want to see what the offer was. Tweak that offer in a new campaign and see how results improve. Offermative is not the silver bullet, but it certainly helps you experiment and succeed quickly.

You have come here because you are looking out for a better offers and funnel solution to grow your sales. Offermative fits the bill. Everything is simple with Offermative and within no time you will see the benefits that Offermative can offer your business.

We do not store any offer data on our end, all your data is safe and secure on your end.

Buy with confidence – you’re in good hands

You’re buying from the best!

Rest assured that you will be well taken care of when you buy from Offermative.

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