Offermative Plugin Data Tracking & Privacy

Your data security is our priority at Offermative. We never store or sell personal data and carry out all processing operations in strict compliance with GDPR. Read more about Offermative privacy policy.

Now coming to Offermative plugin data tracking and privacy, all the data we track is to improve our offer campaign generation engine which in turn helps generate better converting offers for you.

What do we track

The data is tracked on Offermative servers during the following instances from within the plugin:

Offermative account login

  • Site domain on which the plugin is installed and is used for license validation.

Campaign generation

  • Offermative global settings you add:
    • Maximum discount, IDs of products and categories excluded from discounts, your target audience and their desires, generated campaign language.
    • The offer campaigns you would generate – sitewide discount, cart bump, order bump, product recommendations…
  • Campaign specific stats:
    • Status – Live, paused or expired
    • Domain where the campaign is live
    • ID of the user who created the campaign
    • Campaign metadata – offer heading, discount offered, all the rules, targeting pages, the ID of the offered product, products and categories IDs (only if you are trying to generate offer campaigns specific to a product or category), campaign schedule (dates), message types like inline, popup, sidebar; all the copywriting details like headline, body text, CTAs…
    • Store level KPIs – average order total, average item quantity in an order, lifetime value, etc.

Campaign conversion

  • Site domain
  • ID & IP address of the user who accepted the campaign
  • Order total & currency
  • Campaign metadata – discount, rules, offered product, copywriting, etc.

What we don’t track

Except for all mentioned above under “What do we track”, we do not track any other data and any user-specific information.

For any queries, contact us.